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All Star Website HostingChamps All Star Hosting $2222/year Daily: Site Plug in Updates, Full Site Backup Monthly: Scoreboards for Forms Submissions, plus 30 mins of Basic edits per month to add images, blog posts, make small text changes. Quarterly: Google Analytics by Local Segment Review Additional Website Rates for All Star Clients: Basic Website Editing is billed at $44 per 30 mins increment. Website Development is billed at $66 per 30 mins increment.  Development includes any new plug-ins, page/forms additions, formatting, and functional changes to the site. Sign Up for All Star Hosting  

FAQs about Our Site Hosting and Construction

How soon will I see activity happening on my account?

It takes about 1 week for us to onboard you.  You be added to our project management system and our team will perform a project tour with you to walk you through the steps to transferring your site. Once we have domain, current host and WordPress access to your current assets we can begin the transfer process.

Why do you offer daily plug in updates?

We have found that when a plug in is not up to date, aspects of your site may not display or work properly.  Additionally we would not want you to miss a single form submission from a potential new client/patient.  With one client being worth thousands of dollars, it’s critical we perform proactive testing and updates ensure we avoid any breakdowns. 

What kind of security and backups do you offer?

We make sure that your site is on the latest versions of WordPress, PHP, and back up daily.  We additionally have your DNS on a separate platform to ensure we can check/validate your settings easily.  

Why is it important to audit/update my website regularly?

A website is not a static entity it’s dynamic! That means it’s ever changing.  So is the marketplace and your business.  Updating your site regularly is not only good for business, the search engines like it too.  Updates are a good thing and keep you current with the market.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes!  If you are not satisfied in your first 30 days, we will offer a full refund

 General Terms of Service 

  Champs Playbook Brand Identity Development and Online Strategy Market research: Geo, Demo, Competitors Innerview: Clarity around the passion and purpose your brand delivers every day Ideal Patient Profiles Development Key Brand Value Proposition Involved development of your core values represented in a way your target audience can engage and take action on.  All content for the entire representation of the business should be built from this brand playbook.   Champion Website Construction 100% Custom Built Site  WordPress Platform with Responsive Design and Parallax Animations Stunning Visuals, High Converting Written Sales Copy, SEO Architected from the Ground Up Fully Integrated with any compatible systems including collecting online forms, managing client/patient data, and social platforms.              

Frequently Asked Questions

Local markets are won and lost by word of mouth referrals and referrals are the most profitable new clients. What’s different is how you are being referred since mobile devices have put the internet in the palm of your hand.  In order to get more referrals you need to play online.
Currently 90% of local searchers take action in less than 5 hours and 70% within an hour. Whoa! Due to the rapid adoption of mobile computing it’s critical to have an online strategy that works.  Local search is vastly different from any other search and requires you have a strong local presence on specific sites with a great reputation.
Let the voices of your happy clients advertise for you and make it easy for your best clients to refer you online.  Sounds pretty simple right?  It is when you have a great way to collect, filter, and promote shining testimonials to the places it can make the biggest difference for you.
Our time-saving software and expert advice are put together in a simple system to fast track word of mouth referrals and local search prospects.  You will have all the tips, tricks, strategies, resources, and easy to use software to accomplish this on the fast track program.
With the rapidly changing online environment you have to stay up to date on what works and what doesn’t.  We do that for you and advise you automatically when a shift has happened and what actions to take to capitalize on the change